you’re buying a home for the first time. Or maybe you’re selling your old home
to move to something new. Whether buying or selling, you’re involved in an
intricate process requiring many specialists. One of these specialists might be
a REALTOR®, who’s responsible for making the transaction as easy as
possible for you.

REALTOR® Difference

However, not every licensed or
registered broker or salesperson is a REALTOR®. To be a REALTOR®,
the agent must be a member of The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). And
to be a member of CREA, an agent is expected to be:

Committed to the REALTOR® Code: The code is the accepted standard of conduct for
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Housing Market Stats

Housing Market Stats

compiles and analyzes numerous factors affecting the real estate market for the
public, REALTORS® and governments.

With the accurate, up-to-date
information that CREA provides:

The public gets a snapshot of the Canadian housing market;REALTORS® can knowledgeably advise
their clients; andPoliticians and government policymakers can craft more
effective legislation and regulations.

MLS® Home
Price Index

With the MLS® Home
Price Index (HPI), you can access data about the residential markets of
participating real estate boards across Canada. There’s no better tool to
determine price trends in the housing market.

Six founding partners jointly
developed it: the real estate boards of Calgary, Fraser Valley, Greater
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